Deep Dish vs. Regular Crust: Unraveling the Pizza Mystery

When it comes to pizza, the debate between deep dish and regular crust is as old as the dish itself. Both styles have their unique characteristics and loyal fan bases, but what exactly sets them apart? Why is one called deep dish while the other isn’t? Let’s unravel this pizza mystery and delve into the delicious details of these two iconic pizza styles.

What is Deep Dish Pizza?

Deep dish pizza, also known as Chicago-style pizza, is characterized by its thick, buttery crust that lines the deep edges of a pizza pan, hence the name ‘deep dish’. The crust is often filled with large amounts of cheese, followed by various toppings and a generous layer of chunky tomato sauce. This style of pizza is essentially a pie filled with pizza ingredients, making it a hearty and filling meal.

What is Regular Crust Pizza?

Regular crust pizza, often associated with New York-style pizza, features a thin, crispy crust that’s slightly chewy. Unlike deep dish pizza, the toppings on a regular crust pizza are arranged in the traditional order: a layer of tomato sauce, followed by cheese and then any additional toppings. This style of pizza is typically hand-tossed and cooked at high temperatures to achieve its signature crispness.

Why are Some Pizzas Called Deep Dish While Others Aren’t?

The term ‘deep dish’ refers to the specific style and method of preparation of the pizza. As mentioned earlier, deep dish pizza is baked in a deep pan, which gives it its distinctive thick crust. The crust acts as a bowl for the cheese, toppings, and sauce, which are layered in reverse order compared to regular crust pizza. This style originated in Chicago, hence it’s also known as Chicago-style pizza.

On the other hand, pizzas that aren’t referred to as deep dish are typically thin-crust pizzas. These pizzas are not baked in deep pans, and the ingredients are layered in the traditional order. The most famous of these is the New York-style pizza, known for its thin, foldable slices.

Deep Dish vs. Regular Crust: The Verdict

Choosing between deep dish and regular crust pizza ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you prefer a hearty, filling pizza with a thick crust and lots of toppings, then deep dish pizza is for you. However, if you enjoy a thin, crispy crust with a traditional layering of ingredients, then you’ll likely prefer regular crust pizza.

Regardless of your preference, both deep dish and regular crust pizzas offer a delicious take on this beloved dish. Whether you’re a fan of the thick, pie-like Chicago-style pizza or the thin, crispy New York-style pizza, there’s no denying that both styles have their unique charm and appeal.